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Bulgarian workers are widely recognized as being very responsible and hard-working employees. Along with the specific requirements provided by our clients, we also apply several main criteria as part of our selection process in order to present only the very best candidates to employers.

Language skills

Each candidate has to take a specially prepared written exam in English language. If the result is satisfactory, they proceed to the next phase - an interview with an English language teacher. The results of both exams are then attached to the candidate's record.

Educational and professional background

We verify presented diploma, certificates and professional references of each applicant in order to ensure that he/she has the indicated skills and knowledge.

Criminal record background

We require from our applicants to submit proof of clean criminal record issued by the Ministry of Justice.

We specialise in finding candidates mainly in the following sectors:
  • hospitality industry - waiters, bartenders, receptionists, housekeepers, porters and etc.
  • catering services - cooks, butchers, kitchen staff
  • construction - welders, electricians, carpenters, painters, bricklayeres and etc.
  • social services - care assistants, nurses, cleaners and etc.
  • factory workers - packers, loaders and etc.
  • transport - bus/lorry drivers
  • seasonal workers - fruit pickers
If you have any additional questions, please contact us.