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Outsourcing in Bulgaria

Outsourcing in Bulgaria

We offer outsourcing in Bulgaria to foreign companies at very competitive rates. Our mission is to provide great quality outsourced talent and flexible related services, so that you can concentrate on your main business.

We offer you an entire suite of HR outsourcing services. Starting with recruitment and moving through the entire employee life cycle, our services can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and optimize your talent management.

Our Services

HR Consultation

Availability of talent

Cost of employment

Bulgarian legislation provisions


Profile and process definition


Testing and interviewing candidates

Offering and contract signing


Administration of documentation

Payroll processing

Management of leaves (paid and unpaid)

Office Management

Providing and managing the office space, equipment and utilities

IT support and maintenance onsite

Key advantages

  • Free HR consultations on Bulgarian labor market and your eventual costs
  • Very quick in responding to customer demands
  • Experience in recruitment and outsourcing management for foreign partners
  • Talented and motivated consultants
  • Excellent financial conditions for the services we offer
  • Fully open and flexible to accommodate your business process needs in order to optimize your work and reach the best quality result

Our portfolio

We are specialized in providing information processing specialists with English, German or French language and we also provide other talent:

  • Information and research analysts, including technical analysis specialists
  • Data entry staff
  • Translators, including technical specification translators (i.e. for product manuals and information)
  • Live chat support staff, including technical support specialists
  • Software developers, especially web developers
  • Graphical designers and image processing staff
  • among others

What languages do our consultants speak?

The Bulgarian labor market offers very good specialists with the following languages:

  • English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, and Italian – abundant choice of talent
  • Greek, Serbian, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Croatian, Portuguese and Dutch – limited choice of talent
  • Nordic languages – very limited choice of talent

Send a request to us and we will contact you within 24 hours